If you are new to the Vectorize platform, the best area to start is Experiments. You can use our preloaded data or bring your own. Choose a vectorization strategy and a store, then run the experiment to see which strategy was the best for your data.

Follow the steps below to create your first experiment.

1 - Navigating to experiments

If you are not already logged in to the Vectorize platform, you can both login and create a new account here.

Once logged in, look to the left navigation bar, and find the "Experiments” area. Click the "New Experiment” link.

The view will change to the "Create New Experiment” page.

2 - Name your experiment

On the "Create New Experiment” page, find the "Experiment Name” input. Provide a memorable name like ‘My First Experiment’.

3 - Upload data

The first ingredient of the experiment is the data that will be vectorized. Click "Select files" or drag & drop files to that area.

Use our sample datasets repository if you don't have any files on hand. We suggest the "star-wars-scripts" 😄.

You can provide 1 file or up to 5 files. They can be a mix of PDFs, Markdown, Text, HTML, and Doc/Docx files. As you provide each file, please be patient as it is uploaded to the Vectorize Platform.

4 - Choose a vectorization strategy

In the "Select Vectorization Strategy” area you choose the "Default” strategy.

As you learn more about how Vectorize interacts with your data, you will want to explore "Custom" strategies. A strategy includes multiple vectorization models and how the data will be split (chunked). Learn more about experiment strategies.

5 - Choose a vector database

Once the vector embeddings have been generated you will want to store them, for future searching. Choose the database that you are most familiar with.

Start the experiment and review the results

Now that all the needed ingredients are provided, it’s time to run your first experiment. Click the "Start Experiment” button to begin. The view will change to show the progress of each strategy model running. Once all the models are complete, the view will show the results. As your first experiment, let’s look at the results at a high level. Visit the Experiment results documentation page to get more in-depth.

  1. Notice the headings and questions in the lower 5 columns. To rank each strategy against one another, Vectorize formed a set of uniform questions to ask about your data.

  2. The Avg. Relevancy is the accuracy of how well the given strategy could answer the questions. A higher score means the model was able to find more relevant information.

Next steps

You’ve completed your first Vectorize experiment 🎉! Its settings and results have been automatically saved. Navigate back to the "Experiments” area in the left navigation to see a list of all your experiments.

Want to get deeper into the accuracy of your vectorized data? Click the "RAG Sandbox” button to navigate to a pre-loaded RAG testing page. Learn more about the RAG Sandbox.

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